Municipal Election 2018


Welcome to the Township of Howick 2018 Municipal Election Page.

The next municipal election will be held on October 22, 2018.

To view List of Certified Candidates, please click here.

On this site you will find key information for both electors and for candidates as it becomes available. Information will be updated and added to the web site as the election date draws nearer.

Ontario residents will be able to visit to find out whether their information is accurately reflected for inclusion on the Preliminary List of Electors for the 2018 elections. Eligible electors can also update their information, add a name to an address, or change their school support. Please contact the Clerk at extension 2 if you have any questions. 

2018 Municipal Election Procedures

2018 Election Accessibility Plan

Check out the Ministry of Municipal Affairs website for further information including election guides for voters, candidates and third party advertisers.

In an effort to make voting as convenient and accessible as possible, the Council of the Township of Howick approved the use of Alternative Voting Methods (telephone and internet voting) for the 2018 Municipal Election. Electors will have the option of voting by touch tone telephone or through online voting on the internet.  Please note, paper ballots will not be provided for the 2018 Municipal Election. 

Be sure to check this page often for all updates and information regarding the 2018 Municipal Elections.

If you have any questions or have any comments about the election, please do not hesitate to contact the office of the Clerk.

Carol Watson
Clerk/Returning Officer
519 335-3208

Internet Voting
Voters arrive at a branded voting website for your municipality and enter the PIN provided in the Voter Information Letter. If the voter hasn't yet voted, the voter may click on the election and a tamper-proof electronic ballot will appear. After the voter successfully logs in, the ballot is presented as one composite ballot with all races being displayed on one screen. The voter works their way down, making selections.  Acclaimed positions can be included and displayed as an info-box on the ballot.  Once they have made all their selections, the voter may click Continue at the bottom of the screen or Cancel to exit their ballot. Clicking Continue will prompt data validation error messages for any unresolved issues, if applicable. If the ballot passes all data validation checks, the voter is then presented a confirmation screen where they are able to review all of their selections. On the confirmation screen, each race title is listed along with the voter’s selection for that race. Once the voter has reviewed their selections they may choose Confirm to submit their ballot or they may choose to click Change to change any of their selections. Clicking Change returns the voter to their ballot with their selections being maintained. They may change their choices as they wish and again click Continue to return to the confirmation screen. They may change their choices as often as they wish until they click Confirm to submit their ballot. After clicking ‘Confirm’ the voter will be presented with a success message and randomly generated vote receipt code. They may choose to write down or print the receipt code which, if desired by the municipality, can later be used to confirm their vote was cast as desired.

When the ballot is submitted, the results are encrypted and kept anonymous. The voter is issued a printable receipt and is now blocked from voting for this election again.

Internet Voting Video:

Telephone Voting
Simply Voting records professional voice prompts for telephone voting that will make a good impression and be easy to comprehend. Voters call a dedicated toll-free or local number and are prompted to authenticate their identity. The voter enters the PIN provided in the Voter Information Letter using a touch-tone dial pad and the system checks whether he has voted. After the voter logs in successfully, they will be presented with the races they are eligible to vote in one-by-one. They will be asked to make their selections by pressing the appropriate keys.  If a race is acclaimed it can also be included as an informational statement.  Similar to the internet voting process, the voter’s selections will be validated and will be read back to them for confirmation. If there is no response from the voter the prompt is repeated. The voter will again be given the option to confirm their selections to submit their ballot or to change their choices. After submission, the optional randomly generated receipt code will be read to them.

When the ballot is submitted, the results are encrypted and stored anonymously. The voter is optionally issued a receipt code and is now blocked from voting for this election.  Both voting methods access the same system.  Once a vote is cast by either method the voter is crossed off the list and blocked from voting by any other channel therefore telephone voting may proceed at the same time as internet voting.

Simply Voting provides toll-free numbers for Canada and the U.S.A. A voter calling internationally must pay their own charges. There are no call restrictions.

Telephone Voting Video: