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Municipal Office

44816 Harriston Rd, Gorrie, ON N0G 1X0
Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4 pm 

Phone: 519-335-3208

Fax: 519-335-6208

Township of Howick Contacts

Caitlin Gillis

Phone: 519-335-3208 ext 2


Treasurer-Tax Collector 

Brenda Weishar Phone: 519-335-3208 ext 3

Deputy Treasurer Amy Van Meeteren ext 4

By-law Enforcement/Canine Control Officer

Riley Brugess Phone: 519-335-3208 ext 7 or 519-357-0622

Operations Manager 

Dean Nicholson Phone: 519-335-3838 ext 5

Road Machinery Garage Phone: 519-335-3838 

Chief Building Official

Ed Podniewicz Phone: 519-335-3208 ext 6

Howick Fire Department Fire Chief/CEMC

Josh Kestner 2005 Nelson Street Gorrie, Ont N0G 1X0 Phone: 519-335-3202

Recreation Department

Howick Community Centre Hwy 87
Phone: 519-335-3883

45088 Harriston Rd
Gorrie, ON N0G 1X0

Howick Community Pool, Phone: 519-335-3471 (May to August)

Belmore Community Centre
Phone: 519-392-6877

Howick Organizations and Community Contacts