In 2005, the Government of Ontario passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, also known as the AODA. Its goal is to make Ontario accessible by 2025 by creating and enforcing accessibility standards. These standards are rules that businesses and organizations in Ontario have to follow to identify, remove and prevent barriers so that people with disabilities will have more opportunities to participate in everyday life. Standards address key areas of daily living such as customer service, information and communications and employment. 

The Township of Howick continues to try and ensure that developments being approved under the site plan control process are accessible and have regard for persons with disabilities.  Howick Council has adopted the Universal Design and Accessibility Guideline for Site Plan Control.

The Township of Howick is a community that recognizes that people are its most valuable asset. We will work to prevent and remove barriers for persons with disabilities. By-law No. 14-2009 adopts the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service & Use of Assistive Devices Policy for the Township of Howick.

The County of Huron Accessibility Plan is a joint initiative of all municipal councils within the county. Council of the Township of Howick adopted the Huron County Multi Year Accessibility Plan for the Township of Howick at the December 18, 2012 Council meeting.  To view the multi-year plan and accomplishments , please follow this link to the Huron County website.

Accessibility Concern?

Make a Barrier Report

If you require information in an alternate format, please call 519-335-3208. We will work with you to understand your specific information and accessibility needs and to provide for them within a reasonable timeframe.

Every obligated organization that has processes for receiving and responding to feedback shall ensure that the processes are accessible to persons with disabilities. Howick staff will provide or arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communications supports, upon request and shall notify the public about the availability of accessible formats and communications supports with respect to the feedback process. 

“The Evolution of Accessibility” is a 15-minute documentary film produced by the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario and examines how accessibility has changed over time in Ontario through personal stories of accessibility champions from across the province. The film can be downloaded by visiting and scrolling down the page.

2019 Accessibility Compliance Report