Drainage Department

With proper care, well-drained soil increases the opportunity to produce sustained high yields with a variety of crops. Have the soil examined by a professional contractor.

Township of Howick Drainage Map

Not all soils respond favourably to subsurface drainage. Verify whether installing a system is a good investment for the farm. A key consideration for every drainage system is the outlet used to discharge the collected water.

Ensure that you have the legal right to use the outlet before starting any planning or work. Also confirm that the outlet can handle the amount of water to discharge.

For a subsurface drainage system to work effectively, it must be carefully and accurately designed and installed. Consider hiring a reliable licensed contractor to plan and install the drainage system. Contractors can advise if they are able to plan the drain layout or if the services of a professional engineer are required.

Qualified drainage contractors are available for the design and construction of your drainage system. The OMAFRA website contains up-to-date listings of licensed drainage contractors.

Fact Sheet - Considerations when Planning to Drain Land

Fact Sheet - Trees & Field Drainage Tiles

For more information on this topic refer to the Fact sheet on Trees & Field Drainage Tiles or follow this link to the OMAFRA website.