Canine Control

Canine Control - Help Your Dog Find Their Way Home!  Dog Tags and kennel licenses are available at the municipal office.   Owners are allowed to keep a maximum of three (3) dogs. If you would like to keep more than three (3) dogs, you must apply for a kennel licence or the Canine Control Tribunal.

Effective 2017: Permanent dog tags and invoices will automatically be sent out to dog owners and there will be no early discount.  Dog tag prices are as follows:  1st dog $30, second dog $50 and third dog $100, kennel $200, per Fees & Charges Bylaw 13-2015.  Every owner of a dog shall obtain a tag within 10 days of taking possession of a dog. 

The Township will maintain a dog tag registry containing current details on the animal and issue an annual charge .  If you do not receive an invoice, please call the office.  It will be the dog owner’s responsibility to contact the municipal office.  

Kennel License:  If you require a kennel license, please contact Riley Brugess, Canine Control Officer for an inspection at 519-357-0622 and complete the Kennel application.

If you no longer have a dog, please contact us so that we may amend our records. If your dog's tag is lost, please visit the Municipal Office to purchase a replacement tag.

Applications are available here and can now be paid online.  Please remember that all dogs within Howick must be tagged.

We encourage every owner to read Howick's Canine Control By-law  which outlines the regulations: Canine Control By-law