Fees & Charges By-law  

If an individual or lawyer wishes to obtain a Tax Certificate or Zoning Certificate in order to determine if there are any outstanding property taxes, zoning or building compliance at the time of closing a real estate transaction, they must submit a request in writing and pay the applicable fee.

Please Note: Tile Drain Loan information, if any, will be provided with the Tax Certificate

The Township of Howick has passed By-law 13-2015, Schedule “A” which revises the costs for tax and zoning certificates as follows:

1. Tax Certificate: $55.00 per property. [Payment Received]
2. Building/Zoning Certificate: $80.00 per property. [Payment Received]
3. Tax Certificate: $75.00 per property. [Rush-same day or next day-faxed or emailed with copy of cheque to 519-335-6208]

4. Drainage certificate $50.00 per property (payment received)

You may mail your request to:

Township of Howick
44816 Harriston Road
RR 1
Gorrie, ON  N0G 1X0

Please provide an e-mail address if you wish the tax certificate to be sent via e-mail as opposed to it being mailed out.  For more information, call the office at: 519-335-3208 or e-mail.