Howick Council ChamberThe following are some of our most requested by-laws and policies. If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact the Township office.  Hard copies of all by-laws are available for review at the Township Office.

Township of Howick By-laws

Procedural By-law (Revised 2020)
Open Air Burning By-law (Revised April 2022)
Property Standards By-law (Revised 2019)
Noise By-law 
Cemetery By-law (see Schedule "I" below for current fees)
Building By-law (see Schedule "E" below for current fees)                 

2019 Tax Rate By-law

Fees & Charges (see schedules below)
Schedule A Administration 
Schedule B Waste Collection & Disposal 
Schedule C Fire 
Schedule D Public Works 
Schedule E Building
Schedule F By-law Enforcement 
Schedule G Recreation 
Schedule H Township Boards 
Schedule I Cemetery       

Schedule J Planning 2023

Tariff of Fees for Fire Department

Appointment Municipal Service Board Members 
Canine Control By-law - 52-2022 Schedule A fines
Sunday Hunting By-law - 12-2010
Parking By-law 05-2021

Off Road Vehicles By-law 29-2021

Township of Howick Policies

Municipal Alcohol Policy Schedule A (Amended 2019)

Schedule B (Amended 2016)

Property Tax Policy

Howick Rural Mailbox Policy 51-2015

Reporting Infractions

To report an incidence of non-compliance with the Township of Howick's by-laws to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, please submit the following form to the Howick Township Municipal Office or email written complaint to the By Law enforcement officer.

Complaint Form for Non-Compliance of By-laws


The Township of Howick tries to keep its web pages up to date, however it cannot always guarantee all by-laws and forms are the most recent copies of these documents.  Please contact the Township of Howick office at 519.335-3208 for further information.