Artist Alley-great lock down activity for kids, seniors & families


I am asking businesses, families, institutions or individuals to paint a picture or design on plywood. Free plywood will be given to anyone that wants to paint a mural. This is open to all ages & abilities. We will provide each participant with plywood to paint on. Paint whatever you would like as there is no theme. Once your project is complete, contact us and high school construction students will add a 2x4 frame to the back for stability and coat it with clear sealer for weather protection.  The art pieces will be installed using stakes. Finished pieces will resemble Barn Quilts. Choose either a 4x8 or 4x4. 
Sign up form is at the lumber desk at Langford Lumber in Clinton. Once you have signed up, Langford’s will give you the plywood. Take it home and create your masterpiece! When you are done, email We have lots of plywood, but it is available on a first come first served basis. 
You can pick up a piece of plywood and give it to another family, take it to work and do as a group, or give to someone that lives alone and would enjoy creating. The program is open to all of Huron County so be sure to share with your co-workers, friends, family, church groups, facebook groups…everyone you know! Once complete, the pieces will be installed in the back alleys in Clinton. As we’re anticipating the main street (Albert St) to be dug up in the spring of 2021, I’m hoping that the Back Alley Artists Extravaganza will draw residents and visitors to the alleys to admire the artwork, and encourage shopping from the back entrances of stores(as needed). 

Here are the links to our facebook page and website


Angela Smith, Community Improvement Coordinator

Municipality of Central Huron 519 476 5922