Tell us about your Internet service - and help us build #broadbandforeveryone!

To connect everyone as effectively and efficiently as possible, we’re collecting information about how residents, farms, businesses and public sector organizations currently use of internet across the region. This information will help us determine where we will invest our funding and support SWIFT in achieving its goals of building “broadband for everyone.”

Below, you’ll find information about voluntarily completing a User Survey for the SWIFT Initiative.

Who can participate in the surveys? Short answer? Anyone and everyone!

We are collecting information from three main groups of respondents. Each group has their own survey link, which can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Residential/Farm Survey

This survey is for households or residential premises in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and Niagara Region. This includes farms and seasonal dwellings.

Business Survey

This survey is for businesses of all sizes located in Southwestern Ontario, Caledon and Niagara Region.

MUSH/Public Sector Organization Survey

This survey is for organizations in the MUSH Sector (Municipal, Utility, Schools and Hospitals). SWIFT will also be sending surveys by email to MUSH users across the region. 

To learn more about these surveys, please visit www.swiftnetwork.ca/survey or contact us at swiftsurveys@swiftnetwork.ca or call 855.561.4479.

The information you provide will help us assess and address current opportunities and challenges related to Internet connectivity - and will be used to design, build and evaluate the SWIFT Network.