Huron County BR+E Project - Howick


The Huron County Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) project is a county-wide effort that emphasizes personal business visits as a way to identify the needs of the existing businesses of Huron County. The BR+E survey will indicate the future plans and needs of local businesses and how businesses view the community as a place to do business. In turn, this survey information will be used to plan future economic development activities for Huron County moving forward.

Volunteers are the heart of a BR+E project, as they represent the project to the business community. The role of a BR+E Volunteer is to conduct business visits, collecting information that will help identify immediate issues and opportunities. This information will be used as the basis to formulate strategies for the retention and expansion of existing businesses and workforce, thereby strengthening the local economy and community. We are extending a request to active members of the Howick community who may be interested in showing their support for the local business community to join our Huron County BR+E Volunteer Force. We would also like to encourage members of the Howick business community to volunteer their time as an interviewee so we can gain valuable insight and knowledge on their current situation, and act on their needs.

This survey collection phase will take place between the months of May and October of 2021 with a training session hosted by the Huron County Economic Development Department and OMAFRA taking place mid-April.

Interested in joining our Huron County BR+E Volunteer Force? Here’s how you can get started! Please contact Carol Watson at or by phone 519 335-3208 ext 2