Huron County Fire Chiefs Media Release - Fire Safety


March 30, 2020 – For immediate release

The Huron County Fire Chiefs offer fire safety tips during the coronavirus crisis. There are a number of critical fire safety measures you must take to ensure you, your family and home remain fire safe during this time.
- Keep matches and lighters locked away and out of sight from children and talk to your kids about fire safety.
- Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires. Always stay in the kitchen when cooking and always keep an eye on what you are heating.
- Smoking is also a leading cause of home fires. If you smoke, smoke outdoors and dispose of butts in deep, sturdy ashtrays, filled with sand or water and empty them regularly.
- Do not overload electrical circuits or power bars. Avoid the use of extension cords. Always charge cell phones, electronics on a hard surface. Avoid charging on soft surfaces like bedding, pillows or couch cushions.
- Plan and Practice a Home Fire Escape Plan with everyone in your home. Your plan should include two ways out of each room where possible and a safe meeting place outside.
- Ensure you have working Smoke Alarms on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas. Test smoke alarms monthly and replace alarms over ten years old.
- If you have fuel fired appliance(s) and or an attached garage. Ensure you have working Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms outside sleeping areas. Test alarms monthly and check the expiry date and replace as required.
If you are still going to work and your business is still open
- Review your Fire Safety Plan with employees. Ensure everyone knows their role/responsibilities and what to do in the event of a fire.
- Continue to check fire extinguishers and other fire safety measures monthly or as required.
- Continue to practice fire drills at your work place as required.
Contact your local Fire Department for more fire safety information.
Media Contact – Shawn Edwards Huron County Fire Coordinator 519-335-3202