Methamphetamine in Your Community


The OPP has identified an increase in the use, trafficking, importation and production of methamphetamine in Ontario. The prevalence of methamphetamine is expected to continue to grow due to its accessibility and demand. The production, distribution and use of methamphetamine has a serious impact on community safety; leading to an increase in a wide spectrum of violent and property crimes – usually in concert with criminal organizations. The OPP has recognized a steady increase in methamphetamine occurrences, including the dismantling of laboratories and seizures. Seizures of methamphetamine have increased from 15 occurrences where methamphetamine was seized in 2015, to 890 in 2018. Regardless of the investigation, methamphetamine remains one of the most consistent commodities seized by police and is increasing in popularity.

Health Canada Reports so far in 2019, the most common drug identified by Health Canada’s Drug Analysis Service (drugs that have been seized and sent by Canadian law enforcement agencies) is methamphetamine. It was present in over 25% of exhibits (7,497 of 29,204 exhibits) submitted Canada-wide. Additionally, Canada Border Services Agency has report a 333% increase in methamphetamine seizures from 2017-2018.

The attached resource is a CrimeStoppers poster titled “Methamphetamine in your community”. The objective is to educate our communities on the indicators of a methamphetamine lab while highlighting the dangers they pose not only to society but the environmental impacts as well. Providing an anonymous reporting mechanism may result in a rise in the number of tips we may receive which would contribute to an overall increase in safety and well-being for our communities.