Open Air Fire Ban Ended in Huron County


July 20, 2020 – On July 8, 2020, the Huron County Fire Chiefs declared an open air fire ban in Huron County. As of July 20, 2020 conditions have improved enough and the open air burning ban issued July 8, 2020 has been lifted effective immediately.

The Huron County Fire Chiefs stress people still use extreme caution when conducting any open air burning and offer these fire safety tips:

- Contact your local fire department for information on burn permits and regulations for open air burning in your municipality.
- Do not leave any fire unattended and completely extinguish fires when finished.
- With seasonal crops being harvested, farmers are encouraged to use extreme caution when operating equipment as field fires can quickly overtake equipment, neighboring crops and these fires can spread quickly into adjacent woodlands.
- Use extreme caution when parking/idling or refueling engines on dry grass/fields.
- Do not just drop or discard cigarette butts from vehicle windows.

Contact your local fire department for information regarding burn permits and open air burning regulations in your municipality.

The fire ban issued July 8, 2020 has now been lifted.

For more information, please contact your local Fire Department.
Howick Township – 519-335-3202