Rural Ontario Institute Youth Leadership program - Nominate a youth in your community today!


This is an exciting opportunity for youth in your community. To find out more about the program there are information sessions listed below.  Deadline for application is May 22nd. Please reach out and nominate youth leaders or aspiring leaders in your community. 
The Rural Ontario Institute is piloting a program that will prepare young adults to mobilize action for their community. Up to 30 motivated young adults will be selected by application to join the experience. These leaders will participate in a series of developmental, training webinars, be connected with one another on-line, come together for a face-to-face customized, experiential event, and plan a community Discovery session and Action Lab. This will support them to take action on a challenge/opportunity that they helped their community to select. Additional personalized coaching will take place, as needed, either in-person, phone or via email.
Attend one of the informational webinars on the following dates:

• May 6th at 6:30 PM

• May 12th at noon

• May 13th at 10:00 AM